Legal information & Betting rules

Terms and Conditions

Effective from 26th July 2015.

1. Definitions

1.1. T&C: Terms and Conditions
1.2. Company: PVP eSports B.V.
1.3. Website:
1.4. Event: A match on which the Company provides an opportunity to place bets.
1.5. Player: A participant in a given match.
1.6. Market: A specific wager with two (2) or more outcomes.
1.7. Defwin: Short for Default win used to describe a win granted to a team if the opponent is unable to play the match.

2. General

2.1. The Terms and Conditions (“T&C”) apply to all usage of the PVP eSports (“Company”) website and other URL’s owned by the Company.
2.2. By using and/or registering on the website you (“Client”) fully and unconditionally accept the T&C from the Company.
2.3 The T&C is a binding agreement between the Client and the Company.
2.4. The Company can at any time change the T&C. Such changes will shall be notified on the website.
2.5. It is the Client’s obligation to review the F.A.Q and T&C for any costs or charges before playing.
2.6. The Company can choose not to accept a bet at their own judgement.
2.7. The Company is operating under a Curacao Gaming License.
2.8. The Client understands that by betting on the Company’s website, the Client risks to lose the money deposited to the Client’s account.
2.9. The Company reserves the right to lawfully transfer this agreement. The Client is not allowed to transfer this agreement.
2.10. In the event that provisions of the T&C are found to be illegal or unenforceable, then such provisions will be severed from the T&C and all other provisions remain valid and unaffected.

3. New account registration

3.1. In order to bet you need to create an account on the website.
3.2. The following criteria must be fulfilled to register on the website:
3.2.1. The Client is minimum 18 years of age
3.2.2. It is legal in the Client’s resident country, and for the Client, to participate in online gambling and betting.
3.2.3. The Client is NOT a resident of Curacao
3.3. The Client is held liable according to the online gambling regulations within the Client’s country of residence. It is the Client’s sole responsibility to ensure that no laws are broken, including taxation of winnings.
3.4. The Client is required to enter all mandatory information requested, and the information has to be correct, up-to-date and truthful. False or misleading information can result in a closure of the account and annulment of all previous bets.
3.5. The Company can reject a registration without providing any reason at the Company’s sole judgement.
3.6. The Client is only allowed to have one account. If a Client is found to have more than one account, the Client’s accounts may be blocked or closed.
3.7. Upon registration the Client will be asked to provide an e-mail and password. It is the Client’s responsibility to store the login information securely and not share the information with anyone. The Company is not liable for any losses due to misuse of the account from a third party, if such misuse is the result of the Client’s own disclosure and/or failure to store the login information securely.

4. Player account, deposits and withdrawal

4.1. The player account is personal and only to be used by the registered person.
4.2. If the Client wishes to limit or close his/her account then he/she shall send an email to
4.3. Deposits have to originate from an account where the Client is named as the account holder.
4.4. The minimum amount the Client can deposit is 0.0001 NANO
4.5. The minimum amount the Client can withdraw is 0.50 NANO, unless the account is to be closed.
4.6. When a withdrawal is ordered by the Client, an amount equivalent to the withdrawal is locked on the Client’s account. This amount cannot be used to make bets.
4.7. When a withdrawal is requested, the Company can request additional documents from the Client to verify his/her identity. The Company reserves the right to hold back withdrawals until sufficient documents are provided. Whether the documents are considered "sufficient" is decided by the Company.
4.8 To be eligible for non NANO withdrawals, you need to have at least 80% of your deposits bet on match and stream betting. This is done to avoid using PVP.ME as a NANO shop.
4.9. If the Company has reason to suspect that the Client is involved in money laundering, the Company reserves the right to refuse withdrawal and take appropriate actions.

5. Player responsibilities

5.1. The Client is held liable according to the online gambling regulations within the Client’s country of residence. This includes potential tax reporting on winnings and specific legal age restrictions.
5.2. The Client is responsible for reporting and payment of any taxes on potential winnings in accordance to relevant laws applicable in the Client’s country of residence.
5.3. It is not allowed to place bets on any events in which the Client has influence or potential influence on the outcome of the event. This precaution is taken to prevent fraud and protect the integrity of the sport. If the Company suspects such bets are taking place this may lead to the closing of account and annulment of the bets.
5.4. Clients are obligated to notify of any software malfunctions on the Company's website and other URLs owned by the company. Bets placed under such circumstances are to be voided and in some cases voided retroactively.
5.5. Participation in services provided by the company is not allowed by other persons but the registered Client.
5.6. The Client is only allowed to have one account. If a Client is found to have more than one account, the Client’s accounts will be blocked or closed.

6. Betting conditions

6.1. The Company charges a 2% flat fee on the winnings of bets placed by the Client excluding the initial bet amount.
6.2. A bet is considered valid when it is listed in the Client's bet history.
6.3 The bet will be settled after the event has finished 6.4. All bets are settled according to the official result declared by the relevant organization behind the event concerned.
6.5. Official changes to rankings and/or competitions made within 15 days after the end will be taken into consideration when the outcome is decided.
6.6. In case of a dispute regarding the acceptance of a transaction, the website database is the final authority.
6.7. All unmatched bets are settled with the odds of 1.00 when the market is closed.
6.8. A voided bet is settled with the odds of 1.00.
6.9. The Company reserves the right to partly or totally void a bet if any of the following has occurred: an error in the published odds; the bet was offered and/or accepted in an error; the result was influenced by illegal actions
6.10. If the start time on an event is postponed more than three (3) hours, the Company reserves the right to void the bets.
6.11. If an event is interrupted and/or paused for more than one (1) hours, the Company reserves the right to void the bets.
6.12. If an event starts before the scheduled time then the Company reserves the right to void bets that are accepted after the event started.
6.13. The Company is entitled to restrict the maximum bet allowed on any and all events on the Company's own discretion.
6.14. The Client cannot change or cancel a bet when it is matched.
6.15. The Company reserves the right to decline a bet placed by the Client without explaining the reason and without prior written notice.
6.16. The Company will endeavor to provide bets on all major events. Whether an event is considered major is decided by the Company.
6.17. In case of a DDoS attack (or other manipulation) the Company reserves the right to void all bets on the match.
6.18. If the outcome of a match is defwin, the bet will be settled at odds 1.00.

7. In-Play Betting

7.1 General
7.1.1 We will attempt to suspend markets and cancel bets at the start and at the end of an event. However, we cannot always guarantee that a market will be suspended and bets cancelled in time. Therefore it is important that users manage their in-play bets at all times.
7.1.2 In the event that a market is not suspended and bets cancelled at either the time of the start or the time of the finish of an event, we reserve the right to cancel any unmatched bets and/or void any matched bets made after this time. Determining the time of the start of the event will be in our sole discretion.
7.1.3 Betting after the outcome of an event is known is not permitted. We reserve the right to void bets where a user has obtained an unfair advantage by placing bets after an event has occurred in a match or game.
7.2 Markets subject to an in-play betting delay
7.2.1 Markets subject to an in-play betting delay are not managed. This means that markets will not be halted when there is a material event. It is therefore important that users manage their in-play bets at all times.
7.2.2 Bets submitted on an in-play market will be subject to an in-play betting delay before being placed into the market. The bet will also be unavailable to adjust or cancel until the expiration of this delay.
7.2.3 Any increase in the stake or adjustment of the odds will be subject to the delay.

8. Liability

8.1. Usage of the website and participation in bets is at the Client's own risk.
8.2. The Company can at its sole discretion discontinue, add or modify services without any prior warning.
8.3. The Company is operating as a beta access for the time being, hence it does not warrant that the website and/or service is error free and accessible without interruptions.
8.4. The Company shall not be liable for any losses and/or damages due to the use of the Website or services associated herewith.