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Privacy Policy

1. PVP.ME requests the following data from you: name, surname, date of birth, email address and country of residence as per requirements by our regulating bodies.

2. PVP.ME has no access to your payment details that you provide — this information will be stored by our payment gateway providers.

3. We may share your information to third parties in the cases we are legally obliged to do so by law or when it is absolutely necessary to provide our online services. The information can be used by PVP.ME to carry out customer surveys or market research; however, in all cases we remain in control of your information and are responsible for it.

4. PVP.ME monitors all monetary transactions with the purpose preventing fraud, money laundering and deception in order to provide the best betting experience for our customers.

5. When you visit PVP.ME, a cookie is transmitted to you. A cookie is a file containing only text which is stored in the cookies folder on your hard drive and helps your browser to navigate our website. In addition, cookies help recognize you when you return to our website. You have the option to decide on accepting cookies if you change your browser settings. However, our website may appear restricted if the acceptance of cookies is denied.

6. You have the right to access the data stored about you. If you want to do this you can contact us at We reserve the right to initiate an identity check so that we can provide you with a copy of the data stored by us. Please note that we may restrict access to this information in certain cases provided we are entitled to under the applicable legislation.

7. Changes in the Privacy Policy will be announced on this page and are valid for PVP.ME and all affiliated websites. Please make sure to check this page regularly to be informed